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Who We Are

Living Way Community Church is best defined as an independent, networking, full gospel local church. We make every effort to fellowship and work through a variety of networking relationships with other churches and organizations in our city to strengthen our community and restore hope through the liberating message of Jesus Christ.

  • We are a Bible teaching church, that is we firmly believe in the inspiration and the absolute authority of the scriptures and seek to teach the Word of God in both a relevant and practical manner.
  • We are a Holy Spirit church, that is we believe that the corporate church and each individual believer is to be empowered, anointed and guided by the person of the Holy Spirit. We believe in the baptism of the Holy Spirit and the operation of the gifts of the Spirit until the end of this age.
  • We are a worshipping church, that is our corporate worship services are characterized by a strong sense of God’s presence as we worship Him with traditional hymns and contemporary choruses set to enthusiastic instrumentation.
  • We are an equipping church, that is we believe it is the task of the church to equip, mobilize, and release each believer to extend the kingdom of God into their sphere of influence, be it the work place, the market place, the family, the community, or the local church. This grass roots effort seeks to involve the whole church in the training process.
  • We are a youth conscious church, that is we are fully aware and recognize that the church of tomorrow is with us today. We invest much of our time and energy in developing a growing youth ministry that involves our youth in short-term missions trips, church camps throughout the year, community service, and individual involvement in their various schools. This awareness has inspired us to provide a full-service nursery for our weekend services for infants up to two years of age and a full range of Christian Education classes for our kids from 2 to 18 years of age.
  • We are a multi-generational church, that is as the need arises we are actively preparing ministry for all seasons of our lives. From our children’s programs to our youth ministry, from our young adults to our more seasoned saints it is our desire to develop an active and caring atmosphere for these various seasons of life.
  • We are a praying church, that is we have appointed times of prayer through the week as well as bi-annual festivals of prayer for the whole congregation. We also schedule specific times of
  • We are a family oriented church, that is God has designed family to be founded on the unique husband-wife relationship; i.e. one man & one woman, and we embrace the importance of strengthening the family unit in as many ways as possible. Whether it is as a single adult or a single parent home...a blended family with the unique challenges of step-parenting or the family relationship of husband & wife we enjoy the challenge of providing a place of spiritual growth for the family.
  • We are a lifestyle evangelism church, that is we are confident that the most effective way of reaching those who do not yet know Jesus Christ is through the natural networking of friendships and relationships. It is here...in our everyday lives...that Jesus Christ makes the difference. To this end we do our best to equip every believer to share the grace of God and the good news of Jesus Christ in a confident manner with a servant’s heart.
  • We are a church that seeks to meet specific needs through the dynamics of small group ministries. These small groups are both relational and flexible and seek to meet targeted needs, both practical and spiritual, through directed training and interaction. These groups can be created as the need arises to meet specific needs.